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Michigan Governor

The general election is on November 6. Please click on the candidates names to visit their web sites for more information about each. You can verify your voter registration here; you can still register for the general election on November 6.


Bill Scheutte


“Bill Schuette is the 53rd Attorney General for the State of Michigan. As Michigan’s top law enforcement officer, Bill Schuette has been a powerful voice for victims. He formed the Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking, engineered the plan to fund the testing of thousands of long-abandoned DNA evidence boxes to provide justice to victims of sexual assault and led the effort to put 1,000 new cops on the street.”

“I want each and every citizen to cop a new attitude, a new attitude about our future. Michigan must be about big hopes, bold dreams and boundless aspirations. We must have the attitude that there is nothing we cannot achieve.”


Gretchen Witmer


“Gretchen Whitmer is a proven fighter, can mobilize people to take on our big problems, and will challenge the status quo in Lansing to get things done for all Michiganders. As a mom, former legislator, and prosecutor, she’ll fight for the things that matter to people and put them first.”

“Michigan needs a governor who can get things done that will actually make a difference in people’s lives right now.”